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UHF Printable RFID Anti Metal Label, RFID Anti metal Sticker for IT asset tracking

A classic printable UHF Tag used on metal surfaces

This product is widely used in indoor asset management warehouse management,it could be printed, it’s of stable & reliable performance.



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Compliance EPC Class1 Gen2, IS018000-6C
Frequency 902-928MHz, or 865-868MHZ
Chip Impinj M730
Memory EPC 128-bit, User O-bit
Read/Write Yes
Data Storage 20 years
Warranty 1 year
Surface Material PET/Avery Dennison Printable White PET
Color Light White
Dimension ST-MP6535: 65mmL x 35mmW x 1.25mmH

(2.559 in x 1.378 in x 0.049 in)

ST-MP7030: 70mmL x 30mmW x 1.25mmH

(2.756 In x 1.181 in x 0.049 in)

ST-MP6025: 60mmL x 25mmW x 1.25mmH

(2.362 in x 0.984in x0.049in)

Operating temperature -40°C~ +85°C
Storage Humidity 5%~95%
Installation Method 3M tape (Standard)
Power supply Passive
Alcohol Test Printed with all resin carbon tape, and 95% alcohol test passed
Temperature Cycle test -40aC +85°C , 7 cycles testing,

48 hours in total, passed

Dual 85 test +85°C temperature and 85% Humidity 148 hours, passed
RoHS and SVHC Compatible
IP Level IP 67
Read Range On metal: up to 0~8 meters

On plastic: up to0~8meters

On glassup to0~8 meters

On carton: up to 0~4 meters

 (Handheld reader with Impinj R2000 module+33dBm power + 4dBi antenna )

Attachment on Curved surface Tag can be attached on a curved surface with diameter of 50mm
Storage Condition 1 year in +20°C/ 50% RH



Excellent RF Performance:

The Read range is better than those of printable on metal tags with similar sizes in the market.

More applications:

It is of good RF performance after being assembled on metal surface, plastic surface, glass surface, ceramic surface, wooden surface and carton surface.

Excellent Performance Consistency:

Products are 100% tested by Voyantic Tagsurance.

Excellent Bandwidth:

The double-sided folding process is adopted, the bandwidth is better than that of similar printable on metal tags.

Durable and Reliable material:

It is made of good weather resistance, stable and durable material from Avery Dennison and 3M.

Impinj M730 chip is adopted:

Impinj M730 chip is adopted; which has outstanding sensitivity advantages and excellent multi tag reading performance. The chip is reliable and stable.

Be of Self Tuning Function:

The chip and the tag have self frequency tuning function. The tag can automatically optimize its frequency according to the installation environment of tag.

Good Compatibility with printers:

It can be printed with RFID printers from Zebra, SATO, Toshiba, and Postek.

Strong Surface Printing Adhesion:

After printing with full resin carbon tape, the printed content can pass the alcohol wiping test and water wiping test.

Better package is more suitable for product split sales and application:

Packing 500 pcs in one small carton, which is more suitable for split one box of products for re-sell or use.


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